Movie Maker Mode

This could be a gamemode built into fretta if half of the things in it weren’t technically impossible.

*There is one lucky player marked as “The Badass”. The badass is given a weapon loadout of his choice (ninja, commando, freeman, etc.).

*Based off this choice, half of the remaining players are marked as “lessers”. They are the allies of the badass and are supplied with weapons similar but weaker than the badass’.

*There is a opposite team with or without a badass, that can choose another theme.

*There is a “Cameraman” an invisible spectator that is equipped with a “video camera”

The players plan out the battle, and enact it, while the camera records the badass in a way that makes him/her look cool. The cameraman is shown the clip and can edit it using a very rudimentary editing program. He adds one of a dozen predetermined tracks and it is shown to all the players, who vote on it (1-5 stars). The video is saved to the server, and players can watch the highest ranking ones whenever they like, in a gamemode called “Cinema Mode”

Pretty good idea Mvwill, but any details on what the teams are actually going to be doing, like battles, sieges, etc? I like the idea anyhoo and would like to be a participant. Oh, and editing software? Done in-game or out-game? Just wonderin’.

you could just do that on sandbox where one person has godmode on and with the camera. you could also just strategically place cameras throughout the map and press the buttons to record.

True. Oh, and whats the prize if you win?

the guy with the black player model should have 5 hp

:expressionless: Just no.

Its a joke. If you’ve paid attention, you’ll notice that usually the black guy dies first in movies.

The prize is watching your bad-ass video, and having the entire server congratulate you. It would be battles, although it could be assassinations, epic swordfights, whatever.

This sounds neat. I have a few suggestions that may be nice addons.

(1) Cameraman is free moving, and the Badass is not the only one recorded (you stated it records the badass to make him/her look cool), he is also set to camera tool to remove lag (camera is normally the last lagging thing you can draw) and he roams around the map, pressing binded keys to start/stop recording.

(2) A Screen is set on a chosen wall at a certain size on a certain map. In cinema mode you pick which of your properly edited and saved videos will play.

(3) In Cinema mode all players are muted when the owner types following console commands:
“cinema_mode_movie_playing 1” This mutes the players in both text and voice formats to ensure no disturbances while watching. Ya know, like no cellphones at the theater.
“cinema_mode_movie_playing 0” This unmutes them so they can do their voting and be critics of the movie.

(4) The Characters of the movie don’t only have their assigned weapons. They also have the “Pose Tool” Similar to that of Machinimas scene Character choosing SWep, you cycle through a list of poses (perhaps with a small screenshot display of what it will look like) and you press a button to go into the pose. This could be used for moments in the movie like battle planning, and stuff similar to this.

(5) A joke. This is similar to that of the black guy dying first. A randomly selected playermodel will be the first to die at the beginning of a single person’s every film, those with sharp eyes will catch it.

(6) Heroic scenes. A pre-selected heroic soundtrack will play when (and if) the battle is in turmoil for Badass’ side and he rushes in and does something that brings morale in his side up and strength in the enemy down. The Cameraman will selected when (if at all) these scenes occur and the appropriate soundtrack will be set to play from the scenes start to the end. (Which will be set by the cameraman in editing phase)

I hope those are any good. Hope it wasn’t too long. I’m just loaded with addons to ideas when I see good ones.

Those ideas are excellent! Now if only someone had incredibly extensive knowledge of LUA :frowning:

I’ll help in any way I can if possible, but sadly, I am no use in LUA. :C I’ll be able to find some suitable people hopefully. Adding on to the Heroic Scenes suggestion by ArmyGuy543, the Badass’s team is in danger, or the cameraman records the Badass in danger or something, the badass could sacrifice himself for his team. Like using a nuke or something. Oh and adding onto the jokey theme, could have some really cowardly guy, with no weapons and is unable to pick up weapons but shitloads of health. He could be used as a bodyguard or something.

Hope that made sense. I’m not sure.

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