Movie making help

OK! i am new to gmod movie making, infact i have never made one i need help and ideas and people to join my production team. Its called OvERWatcH Productions. And i cant get on gmod for some reason
when i start it up it says validating game files and i just boutght it a mounth ago off steam! :frowning: i also need a program for recoreding.

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your not helpful at all

Ok fine, I’ll help a 8 year old

Here’s where you should start:


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4 year old.

fix ur gmod, use google to find fix. then make ur own movie, you do not need a production team. its ridiculous, u can make a good movie just by doing it urself. no help is needed, and i mean that. especially for your first film.

i am not 4 or 8 years old i am 13 and i have voice actors alredy i just need to record it and get an ediditing program.

am using source record and i also have evrething planed.

Well first of all you should work on your spelling. I’m not making fun of you, I just wanted to point that out. Second, you should really get a performance editing system. (Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, or Sony Vegas, Ect.) But other than that you need to following to start a movie.

- Script Fully Written.
- Voice Actors Acquired and Ready for the Final Script.
- Scene List and Map Info, Ect.
- Have your team ready throughout the filming process (A team mainly consists of Filmer, Editors, Script Writers, Voice Actors, Physical Actors, 2D Artists, Ect.)
-If you intend on using faceposer, make sure you have this finished before moving into productions.

- Make sure your script is accurate and when you film you don’t have to deviate from the script.
- Always have back-ups for every plan, don’t go thinking you can make anything work with gmod. (Even though you probably can, just for safety.)
- Film the movie in parts, and chop them up together in Post-Production.

Post Productions:
- After filming all the parts needed, have a group talk/video sharing in Post Production with the following people:

   >Special Effects Artist: They receive the video 1ST. They will edit effects, text, credits and anything else needed.

   >Main/Secondary Video Editors: They receive the video 2ND. They will do all the main editing, and will cut all the scenes together.

  >Music Composer: They receive the video LAST. They will score it, add sound effects and deliver to you the final copy of your immaculate video you worked so hard on.

  >2D/3D Artist: They can start designing posters, ad's, Ect. (Basically anything needed for the movie)

Remember: not every group is like this, but if you have the following give them time limits. It is better for production speed.

There might be errors, sorry. I tried my hardest to portray what I thought a machinima schedule would look like.


how bout you make a video by your self.

Also, you dont need stuff like Music composer and BS like that. How bout you make a creative simple machinima. Most of the time, when big serious projects come together, the story line is stale and boring because people focus on shit like music composing and unessential shit. Think of a good idea and add on that with a video you make by yourself. Only if you have a good idea, can you make a good video. FUCK what that guy says. He probably doesn’t even have a fucking music composer let alone a good team. So just make a video on your own terms and PLEASE for the love of god, DO NOT recruit people in joining a machinima group if you, your self have no idea what the fuck you are doing.

To put it in simple terms-fuck the guy who i quoted, hes dumb. Make a video by your self and get better as time gos on if you are willing to have creative mind set and create something you your self would enjoy watching.

by the way, wat happend to that movie u were gonna make, you were askin people for help a few weeks ago. i applied to be the mapper, but u never replied, u didnt reply to anyone.

me? i joined yesterday

please dont join a machinima group if you just made a thread asking how to make machinima in garrys mod a mere 20 hours ago

no not a machinima group , i joined facepunch yesterday

ohhh, ok. thank god. I misunderstood you vastly.