Movie Making Team

Hey all,

My name is Ben Aka on Steam SiMBA. I am very into machinima and I thought it may be fun to create my on serious one. Yes serious, so no silly robot chicken rip offs. I want my machinima to be top notch so in order to make a better and more professional one I need a crew.

I’m looking for a

Editor (has good editing program and skills)
Actor (I need all of the actors i can get)
Skin maker (I don’t need one but it would be helpful to have cool skins)
A modeler (can add 3D models like rain drops and stuff)
Camera man (someone who has GOOD experience with camera)
Musician (good at sad piano songs)
Voice actor (have good voice no little kids who haven’t reached puberty)

I will be the writer and director. I have already made an idea for a 7 hour war movie! It will be about how the soldiers of Earth fought even though there they had no chance. It’s pretty much a sad story about bravery and… fear.

Hey buddy, you’re gonna take some flak for this so just to be safe, why not try here:

And good luck.



So you’re the idea’s guy that want a lot of other people to work for you?

Trust me your first machinima’s are going to suck really hard and it will take a few years for them to become good.

Also out of experience, no-one will join you that is good with machinima since you have no previous work and you’re not a big famous guy. The people that are good already have there own team, if you’re lucky you will only find people that just started out as well.

Good luck anyway.

I am very good at piano, I have a degree in Pianoism