Movie Making

I’ve been playing GMod since back when it was free and now I feel like making some videos out of it. The content will most likely border on Idiot Box and related videos for the most part but I’m looking for some advice.
I’ve been picking up on a few tips and tricks for movie making, but I’m looking for some all-around discussion on it with seasoned veterans…or at least people able to make a half decent video.

Any tips/tricks you can tell me?
Good advice?
Perhaps some of your own work,
Anything; Post here!

I’m looking forward to replies, thanks!

I’d advice not to do anything similar to GMod idiot box as you suggested. The whole sort of genre that it started has become pretty much the most overused one to come out of GMod movie making. Also the fact that that kind of humor mainly appeals to the quite uh young viewerbase because “oh my god random hahaha XDDD”. I’d try to find something else (new, unique?) if I was you.

Couldn’t agree more. Random sound clips of yelling / random explosions / deaths are extremely overdone. EVERYONE wanted to try a random GMod video, but few people actually could even come close to making them good.

Why not try more serious videos? Or even ones that have more mature humor and whatnot?

Try having a serious video.
Camera angles are important and look around for addons to simplify the tasks for you.

This may help you, and take the other’s advice and not do a robot chicken gmod.
(Oh and welcome to Facepunch and enjoy your stay)

Awesome great feedback thanks a lot for the replies everybody. I think you’re right as well come to think of it, I would like to do more professional, mature videos although the only reason I thought of resorting to “Idiot Box” style videos was because they were simpler to create.

That brings me back to the whole experience in video making, have any of you any experience in making videos?

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Those machinima videos are great as well thanks for those links bucketofshrimp, and thanks for the warm welcome as well.

You seem very mature, i’m glad you joined Facepunch.

Also, I would like to know how people put sounds into their videos.
By this I mean implementing the Heavy’s “NOM!” sample for example or anything else into their video at the desired time.

You’re going to wan’t to have a screen recorder (obviously) Go to a video playing all of heavies sound clips for example this one:

Record the audio from the video with the screen recorder software you have fraps/bandicam etc…

Once you have the sound recorded add the sound file into whatever video editor you have sony vegas/windows movie maker etc…

And bam you’re done!

There’s a second method where you just open the sound files from the actual game itself. I forgot how to do this method but when I find out how i’ll share with you.

That’s what I figured. I have fraps for recording my content but I also downloaded a separate program that records only audio so I suppose I’ll use that.

Is there a better free video editing program than Windows Movie Maker?

I advise you check out this link, but I think windows movie maker is probably the best free one IMO:

Oh and if you’re gunna record your voice then get audacity it’s free.

There are better free editing programs.

Also, don’t waste your time listening to what bucketofshrimp just said(ermm…that sounded a bit rude,but just hear me out)

Download the program GCFSCAPE. You can use it to extract models,materials,and sounds from all the source games. So instead of wasting time recording the screen just use GCFSCAPE to get every sound effect from the character you want(or music/other sounds, you get the idea)

Yes thank you that was the method.

I am also in the process of making some gmod videos, still very much in the research stage and i found these tutorial videos helpful.

Also finding that just watching a lot of gmod videos and thinking about how they filmed or animated different parts helps quite a lot.