Movie Optimus Prime Port

I also need to know if this can be ported as a ragdoll.

Download Model Here:

Thanks again guys.

So any takers?

i’ll have a go at it but is all the textures there , it probably can just need to make the rig coustom or change the valve bi-ped in xsi

yeah all the textures are there. make sure he is big, like twice as tall as the gm_contruct building that has the white room and stuff

that would be possible i just need the hight dimensions

well good luck and i dont think ive seen a movie prime as a ragdoll before

also is it in .obj before i download??


ok then i can do something !! but first i would like to know the hight of the gm_construct first

well im not sure how to put this. maybe in ft? or meters?
gm_contruct building is around 20 feet or around 6 meters. if you need another measurement im not sure what it is


how long does it normally take to ragdoll a model?

depends on how hard the rig is

If the model is already rigged, a few hours + additional tweaks of the jointconstrains to make it work correctly.

If the model isn’t rigged, about a day depending on how persistant the rigger is and if its not so complicated that it drives them to insanity :stuck_out_tongue:

How many polygons is it?

Cause, you know, it looks like it has more than the other 2 optimus’s we got.

The pics say just over 10K of tris.

ah i see. there arent as many polygons as you think. its not that bad, at least i dont think so


you dont have too much trouble with this one do you?

everything working out okay?

how is it?

in waiting as I have quite a lot of other things to do first

okay, just making sure

btw way, what other stuff do you have to do? not that its any of my business, just wanting to know