Movie project help needed!

I just copy paste of what I wrote in youtube

'Let me introduce my self, My name is Nick AkA Nick.exe - My hobby’s are making gaming movies, I like to edit movies wich I think I am pretty good at.

I will explain why I made this movie:
I’ve started on many sort of projects but always when I am at 50% of the movie I am out of idea’s or people keep saying its not a good idea wich doesn’t give me much will power to continue.

This is why I need people for making movies…
I need people to pose make maps for my movies. Be in the ‘server’ to help me because I cannot film and do other multiple things. I don’t feel like automising everything.

I will try to make a ‘main’ group so lets say 30-40 people we mainly make the movies with - With that group I am planned to also make it a friend group so we also make alot of fun making it.

It’ll be fine if I get 15+ minimim but I rather have 18+ to work with.
Are you intrested PM me on youtube or

ADD ME TO STEAM: Dubbelfris

I am planned to get 10-20 people minimum…

Thank you.


I am starting a movie making community wich is planned to make movies… Besides that when we are making the movies and screwing around in the server we become good friends, And make friends… So this is not only a good opportunity for movie making… But also to meet new people…

Please watch this what I made

This is the ‘advertisement’ Thank you alot!