moving a func_door at awkward angles

In my map, I want some spikes to pop up, but I’d want them all to come out at different angles.

I decided to use func_door for the spikes but how do I know which move direction to use if they’re at odd angles. (I would want them to go in the direction the spike is pointing)


Or just change the angle the door opens

I’ll give that a try.

Yes, I know, I mean I don’t know how to find out what angles to use.

The angles keyvalue is x, y, z; in the Top viewport your line of sight is parallel to the z axis (duh), in Front the x axis, and Side the y axis. If you want exact angles you can do some simple trigonometry to figure it out, but I think if you just guesstimate you’ll be alright.

You could use two path tracks for each spike, but that may over complicate it.