"Moving around in your H.E.V. suit can be slightly disorientating at first. . ."


I’m not sure you understand the meaning of disorientating.

I’m quoting from the first game. I am also still a newborn when it comes to screenshots.


This is just stupid as fuck.

Kind of bad.

He’s not disorientated. It dosen’t matter if you’re a “newborn” at screenshots, That dosen’t matter. The matter is that you don’t know what disorientated means.
Posing is really bad. The map isn’t right for the screenshot. It’s obvious that the rightmost scientist is the Gordon Freeman scientist model. Please, lolz3, improve.

At lest this thread taught me something.

In British English people say Disorientated

In American/Canadian English People say Disoriented.

The more you know.