Moving Castle

This was supposed to be part of this kind of panoramic wide picture, but the “big picture” got screwed up so I decided to leave this.

I might finish the bigger picture at one point of time. Or not.

Anyway it’s kind of like a follow up to the advanced terrain vehicle thing.
(Actually the earlier ATV was blown up in the big picture.)

It took me a long time (No really, a fucking long time) to mash up this thing (and the others that aren’t in the picture) with the props.

As I said on DA. Fucking awesome.

hahahaha oh god what the fuck this owns

where’s the lrdg truck from, by the way?

That is absolutely AMAZING! Can it actually move, or is it just a pose?

It’s in the fancy pack, among with half of the stuff.

No, yes.

don’t suppose you have a link? that could come in handy.

oh, and i really cannot overstate how fucking awesome this is. i don’t give a shit if it’s venturing into monochrome territory, because it’s so well done and comparatively original that it doesn’t matter.

Bloody hell, that’s amazing. You’ve inspired me to attempt something similar now :v:

I would definitely roll in a mech like that.

I think it’s in this one. There’s a whole shit load of vehicles in it…


How come no one complains brown, it looks brown to me… It seems like you guys hate when tlsduararar does it, but not others.

This has originality. There’s the difference.

haha wow, awesome as hell!

It’s kind of like in sunset, that’s why it’s dark but still yellowish and brown. Or… I don’t know, maybe it is just accidental brown, that’s too bad.

The editing is really bland and generic, but the picture itself is awesome.


Original? I might edit.

this is awesome.

reminds me of tank girl on so many levels.

this reminds me of a anime called howl’s moving castle, anybody ever watched it??

ask ddok. his dad probably made it.

North Korea

is best Korea

who cares. you ruined probably the best post i’ve ever made, jerk.

fine I’ll snip it