''Moving in on specimen, asking permission to use violence if necessary.''

Sorry about the small size, I forgot to adjust the resolution. C&C please.



Hmm to tell the truth, i don’t like it it’s very plain and generic it’s the worse content i’ve ever seen from you the-Dutch-guy.

I like it, the editing is really nice.

IS it really that bad?

I like it :saddowns:

That zombie in the back that is hunched over must be huge, or thats a tiny truck

I really like it :smile:

The posing is slightly stiff, though the editing is good, try to work on the stiffness next time.

^I’ll do, thanks for the C&C.


Thanks guys :downs:

No, don’t listen to him.

It’s just an opinion, plus The-Dutch-guy posts really good pictures, this is not one of them.

looks pretty nice, good job