Moving my custom textures from Half Life 2 to Episode 2

Well, the problem is that simply when I went from using Hammer in the Half Life 2 version, and moved over to Episode 2, all my textures (obviously) disappeared.
The problem is that I have no idea where I can copy the textures to for it to work properly. Tried half-life 2 episode two\hl2\materials and half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials.

Where are they supposed to go?

you’re porting them over to ep2?

half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials

is the correct path.

Aha, it turns out that /ep2/materials/maps/mapname/ doesn’t work like it does in HL2, but ep2/materials/mapnamme/ works splendidly.
Thanks mate!