Moving NPCs

OK I realized that they removed the ability to move NPCs with the phys gun.

Can somebody find a way so I can do that again? PLS & TY

When i try to move them it works fine for me…

try sending an email to garry newman to find out why it does that…

Are you trying to move someone else’s NPC’s or is this a single player problem?

It is in single player.

Could you possibly make a video?

How do I make a video?

Uhh any new suggestions I can’t make a video?

Works for me…
As for recording videos, try Source Recorder. I don’t know how it is used though, so you might want to check Google.

Yeah, this is s strange problem. My brother also has this problem on his Garry’s Mod.

And as for video, i gave up on that now…

well anybody know how i can make it so i can move them again?

Can I have a link to your steam account page?


check to see if you disabled something.

When you’re about to start a single player game, there should be 2 (maybe 3 tabs. The maps tab is open by default.) Go to the tab that shows the limits of things that you can spawn and see if limited physgun is checked. I think that may be what’s causing this.

No i never check it, and i tried to use it but it still doesn’t work.


Help I have a problem with gmod lets email Garry

Wrong, you can make your own models/textures. Garry’s Mod truly is only limited to your imagination and level of intelligence. (There goes reason 344.)

I should mention I can not do this as well.