Moving Props

Hello. This will be kind of hard to explain. I need to move a prop over a hole. A trigger inside the hole will create the prop to move over the hole and cover it. How can I do this?

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Parent the prop to a func_movelinear and make the func_movelinear where the prop is, then tweak where its going.

Lot’s of ways, you can parent it to a func_door, but that will disable it’s physics. Wow, tha’ts about it. LoL


I tried that but I couldn’t find parent on prop_physics. Should I try it with a prop dynamic?

prop_dynamic_override unless the flag for prop_dynamic is there in the prop options.

Prop_Dynamic/Prop_Dynamic_Override <-- for prop movement
make a func_movelinear and parent the prop_dynamic to the func_movelinear and than from than on all you have to do is move the func_movelinear and the prop will go with it.