Moving servers?

Hi, I’m about to move my server to a new host.
Is there a list of folders that I would need to move to my new server so that I’m able to keep everything exactly the same way.
This is a DarkRP server.

Everything inside /garrysmod

including all the .cfg files?..
server.cfg is self explanatory, what about the other files?

Addons, gamemodes, models, materials, sounds, data, lua and the sv.db.

Pretty much your entire garrysmod folder.

Thank you, I was going to do the folders you stated without sv.db, saved me a lot of trouble.

Remember to backup your mysql database, if you are using one.

Linux centos command :

scp -r -P PORT USERNAME@IP:/garrysmod/ /garrysmod/

PORT and USERNAME+Ip should be your new machine.