Moving steam!!!????

The store is offline, a lot of people say rust will move this week! When? O_o o_O

Patience, since the store is offline we can assume it will be soon but there is no definite time.

Edit: Whaaps, at the very top, today/tomorrow

They indeed say it is moving to steam, when is this happenign is the only question for me :slight_smile:

today/tomorrow ? OMG GRRREEEAAATTT

They are moving tomorrow its gonna be great :slight_smile:

How to get a key once it is on steam!?!?
Do you need to buy it in the steam store, or an key on this site, or send an email to get one and pay?

Please explain it, i’d love to play this!

So very excited ^.^. Also Tomaat if you have already paid you should receive a key via the email the account is registered on I assume. Otherwise you cannot get a key right now you will have to wait.

Well, i dont have a key at this moment… i was going to buy one but i still had to get a refund from ebay because im totally out of money at this momey,
so when i was about to buy it (i seriously watched the last one go for 7 dollars) i wasnt in time, i was too late, so i waited for 55 mins ago, to restart the bidding and then i saw it wouldnt sell anymore!

so if anyone has like a spare key that he would sell (for like 13 dollars) or gift me that would be awesome!