Moving sun

Hey everyone. I’m sure a few people will know me because I keep asking for help (I thank you), but yet again, I’m stuck. Well, not stuck, but more of a “how do you do…” problem.

Simple question: “How do you get a sun to move across the map?”.

I think it’s in rp_tb_city45_02, but when I had a poke around, I couldn’t make sence of it.

Anyways, which Facepunch’s powerful minds, I’d figure someone would know here.


I don’t think this is what you’re after, but you could have a bright light parented to a func_tracktrain (?) moving around in the sky.

If so, you should put it in a 3d skybox.

It will give it the feeling of being further away.

Yes but I want the sun to move. Unless this is what you mean by moving it, I can’t understand you. :open_mouth:

Make a 3D skybox around your map. Make a nodraw brush and make it a func track train. Make path_corners around the 3D skybox so it loops in a circle. Make a light and parent it to the func_tracktrain. Ok?

If I am not mistaken, only light_dynamic can be parented to something. And if I am not mistaken again, light_dynamic is not very good.

I think to get the correct sun like effect you need to use a sprite and make it really big then parent that to the train.

Didn’t you want something like this? Decompile the map and see how they did it, I’ll look for the original thread.


Found it.

The map has to have a 3D skybox with env_sun, just saying.

I know.


Seems quite hard to understand, but i’ll try to work my way through it.
If anyone else would have an easier idea, shove it in!