Moving Things FEAR Style

Tell me what you think about this.

I made this just to see if I could

Whoa, that’s pretty nice, it’ll bring some more creepyness into scary maps :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s really nice man, how did you do that?

Well I have 2 sets of props and only had one showing at a time. Pretty simple

But the question is, what would happen if you walked into that tunnel backwards?

Nothing, Probably

Hammer does have a Trigger Look entity, it doesn’t happen if your looking through that trigger, simple, I think.

Well I don’t have that set up, and I did think about walking in backwards. I’ll look into the trigger look

it’s probably best to make the tunnel go round a bend. Then it’s foolproof.

Well right now It only trigger if your in the hole and looking towards the crates/wall

But a bigger tunnel might be more interesting

I hate using that trigger look, It’s really dodgy, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.

I was expecting the props to fling into a corner by some sort of mysterious force.

This is ok though.

lol really freaky good job.


I don’t really like the ding sound effect though. Other than that pretty freaky.

I think the ding was to reset.

I was expecting the props to move slightly in the corner of your eye. This was better.

You know what would be creepy? Some combine Advisor sound from ep2, and a shaking screen instead of the ding. Dont know how to make one though.

Yea the ding is changed to one of the creepy sound things

i had the same idea but for fear 2 where the lockers and stuff start spazing

and here we go, This is abit more like FEAR
I still can’t get it to work properly though

Not really related to the topic, but I’d just like to congratulate you on improving your mapping, the room is appropriately detailed and interesting, but you really should use smoothing groups on those wall buttresses.