Moving to Skyrim

“The last place in Cyrodiil to see the legendary mammoths”

I guess it’s spring or something.

Couple of days ago:

The scenebuild:

This is the best thing I have seen all month.

Oh my god, modern world TES?

This is so fucking perfect

This is an interesting idea. Winner for you.

You picked the perfect song to define the atmosphere. Nice one Exorade.

Shit’s incredible. If you had to put a number on it, how many hours would you say you spent putting it all together?

Oh hell yeah, I’ve always thought a modernized fantasy setting would be a neat idea to explore, and this is excellently executed to boot.

But this isn’t lore friendly at all, where’s the giant moth spaceships and the 14th dimensional math? Dear god, you even forgot the cogs!

This is all wrong, no this will never do!

Very nice.

Fucking awesome!

Superb work!

love the atmosphere!
keep it up!

Brilliantly executed! Well done!

True, it’s not really a setting that’s explored all that much. We have urban fantasy and modern fantasy, though stuff like Harry Potter and The Dresden Files rely on a “masquerade” of sorts to keep two worlds, the magic and the mundane, separate, whilst personally I’d be all for more pieces of modern fantasy that don’t need to rely on a masquerade and instead have magic and fantastical beings prominent alongside modern-day society and technology.

Great work as always!

Your ideas are always intriguing, but it’s your execution that fucking kills it. Sick job man :slight_smile:

For some reason I can’t help but think - the english are coming for a holiday.