Moving to source 2 mapping

So after years of being used to source 1 mapping it looks like its time for me to move on to source 2 hammer. Is it much different to old hammer? does it still explode and lose all my progress and corrupt the vmf if i move the mouse? how do i even access it?


You can access it by steamVR, or half life alyx(with steamvr you won’t have access to hl assets), new hammer is a way better than old one, just test it and check it yourself.
Quick tutorial how you can open hammer 5 with steamVR:
Open SteamVR the when it launches click on 3 lines then “workshop” - “create/modify environment” and it should open the workshop tools. From there click “create empty addon” and name it whatever you want. Then beneath that hit show command line and copy and paste it into notepad and delete -vr -toolsvr and just copy and paste it into the thing from the startmenu where you can search for stuff and it will launch the asset browser then you can open hammer 5.
Ah, and with SteamVR you can’t test your map without VR, you can do it only via hl alyx tools.


This could be helpful :smiley:

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well this is cool. hammer already seems familiar but is there not a way i can just copy a shortcut to it as an exe file?

Just create a .bat file which will have this path

yeah thats what i did but i do prefer a simple execution file in a directory

maybe im just an old man

I don’t know if it’s possible, sorry

Not possible to launch hammer 2 without using steam vr or HLA workshop tools, due to the fact hammer is apart of a toolset instead of before where hammer is just its own exe.