Moving viewmodel?

I use a normal model for a view model. Yet I don’t want to make a new one to make it fit at the right spot, So how would I properly place the viewmodel in bottomright of the screen? How can I move it using local coordinates?


That sets the size, I already have that. [titlequote] Moving viewmodel? [/titlequote]


Override that and move it to your liking.

I tried that, that litteraly moves the view model position to rotate with the player

Isn’t that what you wanted?:confused:

I just want to move it down right some, not move the position it thinks the player is

make it think the player is “down right some”?

I fail to see the difference between moving something and moving somethings origin:colbert:

It looks weird if i turn.

You need to convert the coordinates to global.
function SWEP:GetViewModelPosition( pos, ang )

pos,ang = LocalToWorld(SomeViewModelOffset,SomeViewModelAnlgeOffset,pos,ang)

return pos, ang