moving wire facer?

is there a way to let the wire facer move with my contraptions?
because at the moment it seems to me, that the only option to keep it working is to freeze it in place.
i guess i need a way to weld it to the contraption without hindering its movement.
i would really apprichiate any of your help


Use Ball Socket Center from this pack:

Just fire it at the Facer then at a sturdy prop on the contraption, and it will be like a weld except the turret can still spin.

thanks for the link, but i fear this wasn´t exactly the thing i was looking for.
i want the center of the facer to stay in the same position relative to the contraption all the time, so that the facer is only able to spin, but not able to move around.
i drew a picture, but i fear it will not help you understand what I meant.

still need help

That is what Center Ballsocket does.