MP cant see info on stuff

ive had this for a while after a gmod update i think. If I play MP then I cant see any info on anything like thrusters or weight and worst of all wire stuff I cant even use wire now because you cont see the inputs/outputs you are selecting! its very annoy. Has this happened to anyone else> I REALLY want it fixed. Also my wire SVN is up to date but I dont have the facer tool in SP and cant use it in MP for the reason above. I just updated it but the facer tool has been there for a long time right? Why was it missing!

Close Garry’s Mod, delete gmod_cvars_cl.txt, then open it back up and try again.

Thanks that fixed some things. I cant remember if your meant to be able to see thruster force when you look at a thruster? but I cant see it but I could see weight. Also it didnt fix the wire ones too so I still cant use wire. Is there more files I should remove to fix them?