.MP3 Files not playing

Should I try to listen or play .MP3 files, they won’t be heard. However, if I play the same file in .wav format it works just fine. Anyone else got this? Just yesterday everything was working fine.

There is no support for .MP3s in the new update.

Well, that sucks.
Will it be added any time soon?

Why is not supported? mp3’s saving qma size

I am not sure. I guess just use .wav

Damn, that sucks. Meaning I have to convert every .mp3 to .wav . INCLUDING HL2 sound files. Shucks.

Dont convert them, just wait and hope for new update…

Suppose so.

.mp3s now work again, just opt into the Dev branch.

Dev Branch? You mean GMod13 Beta?

Just right click on GMod, go to properties, go to betas, and click Dev branch.

Wasn’t aware. Thanks alot!