mp_falldamage 1 Not Working.

Well, since the recent outburst of Gmod Parkour maps, I decided to download the gamemode and some maps. Of course, everything to do with the gamemode and maps worked perfectly, but as in the News post, it says submit this code into the console to make it so when you fall from a building, you die:

mp_falldamage 1

But for some reason, this doesn’t work for me. When I enter the code, nothing happens, and when I fall off a building I still just lose 10 health.

Any help?

Yeah, it’s a bug in the new update. Happens.

Is there any way to fix it?

This download works perfectly on my server. It only works if “mp_falldamage” is set to “1” though (Without quotes obviously)

Thank you!
Falling 20 miles and living was getting a tad annoying.


I was wondering why it wasn’t working.

It’s not a bug, Garry deliberately took it out, and added a new lua function to make falldamage.