mp_falldamage 1

I dont know how many other people have had this issue, but I enabling falldamage or disabling even in the console makes no difference. It is always stuck on default. I want to enable it to so that people will die when they try to fly a prop up to the top of the map and fall as they usually do.

Is there anyone who knows what might cause a server to always be stuck on mp_falldamage 0?

I’ve gotten it to work in singleplayer, but I remember it not working on my server.

Was this because of an update to the game that broke it? Or is there anyone else who can currently enable it on their server. I don’t believe any addon I have added to my server has caused this.

Same thing on my server has been happening for a while. I almost certain that one of the recent updates broke it.

It’s been broken for a little while. A few months I guess.

It’s because it’s lua based now.

How and where would you go about changing this? I would assume its in some sort of lua config file of some sort.

Thanks a fuck ton. This problem has been plaguing me forever.