MPHUD Beta 1

**[BETA 1](**

My first HUD, and pretty much my first sophisticated clump of lua poop.
The helmet is off by default - use the concommand "helm" to toggle it.
I'd appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions - lots of both. Bug testing, too, of course...

Highlighted items are not finished.
● Add convars:


: toggle anti-aliasing of the HUD*
 ○ **mphud_color_set** *name r g b (a 160)*: Sets the color of an otherwise hardcoded HUD color.
   Use mphud_color_set [name] to reset the color to default. The available color options are:
  □ background: planned for future use; don't worry about it yet
  □ default: the bright blue color you see everywhere
  □ disabled: a slightly darker version of default
  □ defdark: used for the backside of bars
  □ panic: the orange color you see when you're shooting or at low health
 ○ **mphud_scale** *(number 1)*: Changes the scale of the HUD
 ○ **mphud_sway** *(number 1.1)*: Changes the multiplier for the HUD sway
 ○ **mphud_sway_helm** *(number 0.2)*: Changes the multiplier for the helmet sway


: Toggle "minimal" mode, which fades the HUD and moves it further
   to the corners when the according element has not been used for a while.
● Change convar "helm" name to "mphud_helm" to maintain consistency
● Fixed + further optimized ammo display for crossbow and other single-shot weapons
● Reworked the coding into tables to prepare for further optimization towards HUD base

**ON THE *hopefully I can figure out* LIST:**
● how in the world to make good-looking anti-aliased helm overlay materials
● how to get the recoil from a gun to add extra sway for that
● * that - if I can even figure out how to adapt Proclivitas' code, that is

Why are you using a sign-up required host?

Massive mess-up. Really sorry about that. Updated the link.

In a way, reminds me of Blockade Runner hud.

Kinda neat. Kind of obstructs the view a bit so make it smaller. Also have the ammo counters closer to the edge.

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Does it affect framerate much?

This actually looks a bit better with generally larger resolutions, but I may as well throw in an optional “low-resolution mode” in the case that it seems obtrusive.

If DepthHUD doesn’t, this certainly won’t; this is a lot less intensive than DH. Simply put, no. Not unless you’re running a netbook or something.

I was expecting some sort of stupid HUD made from the wiki tutorials, you
amazed me instead.


The organic feel to your helmet when you sway side to side is a great touch to a gamemode to make the player feel more involved, but when you shoot it stays very idle, maybe adding some sort of “kickback” to the HUD to the bullet spray would just make it more involving.

Wow, this is pretty awesome. Minimal yet incredibly nice looking.
However, the helmet overlay looks kind of…well, crap, for lack of a better word. I’d rather have a vignette effect around the edges of the screen, personally.

The lines just have no aliasing >.>

…And it’s rather low-res looking (ripped from a metroid prime game…?), and the transparency isn’t done right.
Suggestion for the creator: Link the HUD colours to some CVars for easy customization. Also, an option to adjust the amount of HUD sway.
I’d also love to see a compass and speedometer, but they’re not very important.

How i wish i had GM13…
GM13 + MPHUD = Awesome

for the creator

reminds me of crysis, i like it.

It’s nice but it’s kinda in your face all the time. Maybe make it fade out when nothing is happening to health\ammo?

This looks really fucking awesome.

I like this. Can’t wait for release.

This is really nice. Sorry if I missed it, but will there be a way to sort of move the elements around? I sort of want my health ammo to be at the very top or bottom and the ammo to be on the very side of the screen rather than nearing the middle. It seems like it would be distracting during gameplay. Also maybe an option to disable some elements?

It would also be cool if the secondary ammo counter wasn’t as large as the rest, (maybe just smaller and not taking up it’s own space?) you’re never really gonna have so much secondary ammo that it’s a large, important element

It turns out that (as shown in the OP) I’ve redone the HUD to be based on tables, and it now can load custom themes. If you’re up for it, you can check it out when I release 1.1 and try tweaking it to your liking.

[sub][sub][sup][sup]or I could get off my lazy ass and do it myself.[/sup][/sup][/sub][/sub]