MPhx Free Gamemode Hosting

Are you a coder who wants to get his/her work out there? Do you struggle to get anyone to use your gamemodes?

MPhx currently has 3 servers but is looking to host more.

Zombie rp (customish dark rp)

How this works.
One gamemode will be chosen at a time.
I will not host dark rp edits (i have my own that sucks)
If it becomes popular within a week then it will stay up and i will choose another to host.
If you would like. You will become the developer of that server and/or the community.

Be sure to post a screenshot of the gamemode along with a description and a link.

So you’re saying: “Give me your gamemode so my server can become popular.”

No thank you, sir.


not really. i have popular servers.


Servers are meant to be played on. You host a server you want your server to be popular or its a waste of money.

seeing as i have a server that i pay a flat rate for. no matter how many servers i run on it. money is not a problem neither is popularity.

I don’t know how you can be popular with this eye blinding website.

meh thats just the front page (working on a new page) either way it doesnt matter. im not here to be flamed if your interested please post if not then please ignore.

Okay, please fix the page, because right now it is horrible

  1. You didn’t get the Dark/Red style you were going for. Better just go for White/Black and it will be much more readable.
  2. Grammar. I’m no grammar nazi, In fact, I don’t even come from an English-speaking country, but the grammar leaves much to be desired.
  3. Don’t put rules on what can be reported as admin abuse. You are making it too specific. Let them post everything and then filter it out yourself, or you may discourage players from making otherwise legitimate admin abuse reports.
  4. Word yourself better. “It only guarantees you get trained” really only sounds like it’s a school for admins or something along those lines. Replace with “Trial Period”.
  5. Better formatting. Place all of the “do not do” rules in one part, then the “If an admin says something is against the rules blah blah” things after that.

Oh god, that website just brought me back to the days of Geocities. That was horrible.

Run your own server. Use whatever gamemode you want. Don’t post shit like this.

I don’t think its “eye blinding” pretty well laid out actually.


That design is egregious. It’s literally text, a dropdown box and two clickable boxes.

It looks like a website made by someone who followed the first few tutorials of HTML and then said “fuck it” to the rest. Still, an honest effort was made and the author is proud of it. That’s great, and I can respect that.

OP: I’ll make you a new website. I’m bored this week and feel like doing something. Contact me on Steam (info to the left) if you’re interested. I won’t ask for anything in return (though it’s appreciated); I see it as more of a public service.


are you sure we opened the same page?

I think you still need to continue learning how to use Dreamweaver. You also should change the title of the page.

No, it’s horrible. Not to mention the navigation bar.

Also, why have you written the address in the page? Is it a reminder for people to see what site they’re on, or something?
Abortus? But eh.
Yes, why would you post something like this and not just ask “What game should I host which is fun”?

But on another note, I really do think you should concentrate on reworking your site instead of advertising to host more servers.