This is a request for zula models, I’m looking for this model : (MPT-76)

The game name is

Have you considered using ninjaripper to get it?

Hello. Thanks your post. I tried but I m new on ninjaripper so i couldn’t get it

Just download it, link it to the game .exe using dx9 or dx11 injector, and press f10 in game.

I tried but the game doesn’t open

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Can anyone try please ?

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I’d really like to give it a try, however the site is in turkish and i’m at a loss as to where to even download it.
But the rifle looks like an HK417 with a P416 handguard and a really funky carrying handle attachment.
If you can’t get it out of the game, you can build it yourself. Take the 417 from Metro Conflict and the P416 from Far Cry 3 or 4 for example.

Hello thanks for reply.Its new Turkish rifle, designed and produced in Turkey.
You can check
Yes you are right,the rifle looks like them.But some details are important. For examples :
the 417 or p416 rifles butt different from MPT76.

If would you like to download game i can help you
Download Link

Alsa you can use my account details : for ID&Pass PM me.

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I will be happy if you give it to me.

I just checked, the game is on steam too and has a region lock. I wouldn’t even be able to launch it from here.
And i wouldn’t throw around my login credentials like that if i were you. Send a PM or something, and only to people you know and trust. I’m pretty sure you don’t know me.
That said, NOW would be a good time to change your password.

I understand.Maybe someone can unlock the game. Still waiting…
And you’re right but its a random account :slight_smile: Heheh

Game uses Gamestudio A8 engine. These .gen archive can be unpacked with this BMS script:
Textures are just DDS, there is an Free SDK on official site where you can export models without bones to 3ds (there is something that can export both mesh and bones but I don’t know ASCII).
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Or use fragMOTION, which can export directly to HL2 SMD.
P.S. This engine really use only integer weights or this is a bug of exporter?

i think i need a tutorial because i dont know how can i use a8 engine or fragmotion. I downloaded but i couldn’t …

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Should I open these files ?

Sources to practice in smoothing groups and Source material system.

Thank you very much

What all weapons are actually in that game? Depending on what’s in there, I might just make a resource pack of the weapons.

It seems to be mostly standard stuff, the MPT76 is probably only there because it’s a Turkish game.

This list seems incomplete, but it was all I could find:

The selection doesn’t seem too impressive from what’s on the list, but it looks like they’ve got a few interesting weapons on there.