Mr Bellic`S Afterlife ( interactive )

My first Interactive Comic ever.
but i try my best. Anyway!

You are Niko bellic, you are sitting at the train station,
and waiting for your train.
What now?

  1. talk to guy with bag.
  2. Talk to the hot girl
  3. explore.
  4. do nothing.

Serious choice!

Do nothing.

Shoot the guy, rape the girl.

Start hunting pigeons.

Push people into oncoming trains.


Climb on top of the train that just pulled in.

This, but bring the guy with the bag with you for an epic journey that is about to begin.

What Now?

Tell him you are taking him bowling.

Walk up to him and press RB to pick him up. Then hold LT to aim and RT to throw him onto the top of the train.

What now?!?!?!

what now?

Now you gotta climb up there too. Prepare to surf/train battle.

you Jumps up at the train!
now your out of the Train station!
You climbing up but the man is not there!

What Now!?!?

Where the hell did that other guy go?

^ Propably fell of the train.
Jump of the train with a super ninja move.

The guy probably ran to the front of the train, get up there!

you are now at the front of the train. you hear a scream!

the man hanging there!

What now?!?!?!?!