Mr.Breen's Vacation

Giddy up!

Sure go ahead, say whats wrong with it, i’m not listening for this is supposed to be for luls :stuck_out_tongue:

It doesn’t work like that. I learned that the hard way.

Well it ain’t working.

I didn’t specify who is getting the luls now did I


Well at least you’re happy.

I wouldn’t be sitting on that…

Also it doesn’t really look like a vacation.

Title should be “Mr. Breen being a moron.”

Mr.breen with graphics turned down low and being a hard tard

Why do it look like a giant syringe?

yeah man you did it


Hay guise i made this for teh lulz too.

Sorry couldn’t resist in posting.

I am laughing so hard right now, not from the OP, but from you guy’s comments.

Oh and DTMech, you should actually make that into something, like action bill or something.

But that’s eli. D:

Hmmm… Action Eli.

Yea, like him skating down the streets with sparks flying everywhere, and him just beating the crap out of everything.

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