Mr. Bungle - "Sweet Charity" music video.

A video I made a while ago, that I tried to upload to you tube, and the audio was removed.
Vimeo doesn’t care so much about that sort of thing.

cool nice video awsome will you be making more videos cuse i would be more than happy to help

i have
adobe prodution prem cs5
if you dont know what that is its a lot of money
and i do effeckts
messege me on face punch
if you would love me to help

Meh. You tried too hard to be bizarre and weird and it turned out looking like you didn’t know what to do for the video. You also did a lot of work with ragdolls.

Interesting idea, but in the end it just kind of looks like you tried much too hard to be quirky and it just came out messy.

It’s Mr Bungle.
That Is all.