Mr. Freeze from Arkham City

Has this been done yet for him and his gun?

you have my support!


The Catwoman is already released by someone, but there aren’t the Batman :frowning:

well i saw an arkham asylum version somewhere on
they even have the Wayne parents too


So far I think all the other villians have been done from the game, except this one.

Riddler - None
Penguin - None
Ras - None
So not all villains have been done.

Ah so I missed a couple. Not sure if you could call Ras a villian, more like a pain in the rear.

Only catwoman has been done.

Umodel is now compatable, they are portable now, they werent before without gameassassin so only harley, talia, and catwoman/animated catwoman were extracted.

Pain in the ass only because the bastered wont stay dead.

dont forget clayface

Oh you.

Spoiler that shit.

The game had somewhat of a disappointing ending… just saying… And Mr.Freeze would be cool!

Clayface isn’t much a villain as I would say…just a poor soul wanting to be normal again after a freak accident.

Loudly proclaiming [sp]playing the joker was the role of a lifetime, then immediately attacking batman, after trying to trick him to get out of his cell in asylum, doesnt seem “poor soul”[/sp]

Besides, you might have those thoughts cause of the DCAU.

In here, its Basil karlo, in there, it was Matt Hagan.

Role of a lifetime…and look where that “ended” him up…

[sp]Defeated, i remember reading that the lazarus pits do not effect clayface, infact, his body being in contact with the lazarus chemical causes them to become useless[/sp]

Fuck no he’s not spoilering that shit

The only way you would know its a spoiler is if someone like you called it one

I saw it in the CHARACTERS pages of the guidebook sitting right there while I was waiting to buy the game and expected him to be early

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Yeah he’s totally not trying to kill anyone


It’s like saying Penguin in batman returns deserves sympathy even though he bites some guys nose, is a pervert, plans to kill sleeping children, exploiting his missing parents (Didn’t the movie also say that they weren’t his actual parents anyway?) for personal gain to do crime with

would it be wrong to say that I hope some port the tiger security and hugo strange?

I don’t see why it would be wrong we are kinda getting off topic, but heck I was hoping someone would port a Hugo Strange too, for evil scientist pictures and shit XD