Mr. G is getting buried alive for the crimes he made

It’s on gm_flatgrass_night an all ingame.

Mr. G was a beloved person until he sold his soul to the devil. From that moment his greed was increasing day by day and his actions indicated that his flock is for him and not the other way. The moment has come and mr. G got what he deserved.

(The story is fictional and not about any real person.)

Flatgrass angle:

Well, the porn thread got closed and it’s no longer allowed but I spent more then 6 hours with a pic. and I want to share it with anyone who interested.
I’m going to do so without breaking the rules.

Do you see the link above my picture? Click on it! This’ll open a new window/tab with the same picture you see here.
In the address bar you see a number next to my name (kali). Decrease it by one (and press enter).
It’s a quaility work and it’s a shame these content is no longer allowed…

Holy shit :aaa:

I’m not going to miss sex poses at all but I hope you hang around for the normal ones, because goddamn are your scenebuilds amazing.

Where did you get those rocks?

Um, Half-Life 2 and Episodes 1 & 2 Foilage sections?

That’s pretty fucking awesome.

Looks great. You should make a scenebuild tutorial.

Looks damn nice.

And the Sexpose megathread got closed? Huh, I guess Rastifan and many others will have a fuck ton of free time now.

Where did you get that sweet ass…whatever its called, with the claw.

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Or the digger…whatever it is thats burying him, where is it from?


Not really.
The scenebuild is a quality work though.

Awesome scenebuild, really great work.

And yeah, it’s pretty shitty about the sexpose megathread, especially since all the people involved don’t really have anywhere else to showcase their work. I guess Garry’s more offended by nudity and sex than he is by the copious gore and disembowelment in the ‘Psycho Pose Megathread.’ Maybe the mods missed the part where all the Source engine games are rated M.


That is a quality scenebuild. Excellent lighting, too!

Thanks. I’ll discontinue sex poses since there is no point to make them for myself and because I like gmod I’ll continue to make “normal” scenes.

Dark Messiah rocks with Stalker materials on them. I also used “blending” stuff to achieve more realistic effect.

I don’t remember where is it from. It’s static though. That limits it’s usage a bit.

Well if you can find the link/make a download, i think i could see if my friend could turn it into a ragdoll.

I believe the excavator is from one of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games.

Yep, it’s a Stalker model.
I found it here:

There are other stalker packs at that you might be interested.

If you really turn it into a ragdoll and share then please send me a PM if it’s not too much to ask. Thanks.

That looks great, nice work.

Will do.

First of all, lemme’ tell you that you were one of very few people, that’d deserve a new “SPMT” or some other oppertunity to show pictures with a naughty theme.
You had skills and I don’t think, places like Rule34 would cut out for you.

However, it is nice to see that you’ve got more up your sleeves and find creativity in other spectrums.
Which brings me to your scenebuild:

Very detailed. Every inch of props was placed perfectly and feels just like it’s naturally supposed to be there. The only downside, I could see is the lack of shadows on the corpse and makes it kind of stand out, instead of blending into the enviroment.

Nevertheless, it is top-notch.
Have a palette. :buddy: