Mr. Green is looking for talented Lua coders!

Hi everyone,

The Mr. Green community is looking for talented Lua coders that want to work on a huge game-mode which will be in development for at least a year.

The project/game-mode contains lots of mini-games and those can be developed alone, but there will also be parts where you need to work together with other Lua coders. You’ll also work closely with mappers and modellers to create a great user experience.


  • You’re good team-worker
  • You know how to work with SVN
  • Can show me recent work
  • Got enough spare time the coming months (at least a few hours per day would be great)

What we can give you:

  • low/mid/high-xx or low-xxx paying per month (depends on the amount of work you do and your skills)
  • Regularly free Steam gifts

Something about the Mr. Green community:
Mr. Green established in early 2006 as a Dutch Multi Theft Auto community. While the years past we’ve grown to a medium sized English community with popular servers for GMod, CSS, TF2, DoDS, PVKII, ZPS, L4D(2) and MTA. We recently started with a new project named

Feel free to visit our website & forums:

Interested? Contact me and show me some of your code! :slight_smile:

I posted this earlier in the gamemode Ideas & Requests forums. But I guess many Lua coders don’t watch there.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - mahalis))

Sounds good, add me on Steam if you want to talk about it.

Yeah I would really love to get an aimbotter as coder.

Does it really matter if I used to aimbot?
The demo that someone showed you to get me banned from Mr.Green had me killing 20 people a second, proof that I can code well :v:

Or you just use someone’s code. And creating an aimbot isn’t very hard to code either.

Thanks anyways.

•Nospread Aimbot
•Zombie Survival (ZS) Hack
•Customisable Speedhack
•DarkRP Hack
•Info HUD
•Buffer Overflower
•Anti-Cheat Bypass
•ScriptEnforcer Bypass
•Block Server Console Commands
•View and Block SendLua



And it got you banned from our server. So you obviously failed.

Now stay ontopic please.

Whats the gamemode about…you seemed to have failed to mention anything other then it has minigames… which automatically makes everyone think its going to be a Gmod Tower wannabe.

Forgot to copy this from other thread:
In case people are wondering what kind of game-mode it’ll be. Lets just say it can be placed in the same category as GMod Tower, PS Home etc. (but it won’t be the same obviously).

If you see it as a wannabe, that is your opinion (I never joined the GMod Tower server and as far as I know GMod Tower failed). I’m just looking for people to work on it.

GModTower didn’t fail, the problem is that they don’t have any developers working on any of the new stuff, resulting in a lot of uncertain players in the community. I join it to find people still asking when X or Y is coming out, but it’s still pretty popular.

Sassilziation has stuff similar to Gmod Tower, but they both kind of work together sometimes.

If I were you, I’d get someone who really knows their way around Lua to get a base running, then get additional coders for various minigames. Gmod Tower kind of had one person coding the majority of the stuff.

You may didn’t notice it yet. But that’s why I made this thread, because I need coders. And yes, I have a lead coder already.

You need me :smug:

I would agree I have seen a lot of Combine’s work (excellent in my opinion). Who cares if he uses an aimbot? Let’s see you code one as well developed as his, the reason he was banned is because an admin banned him not script enforcer. I would say if you deny him your losing an excellent coder =]

Ywa, half of the people who work with lua have aimbots. And since you are doing the same general idea as GMod tower you most likely just warded off some people willing to help you with this statement

You are doing the same kind of thing as them, yet you say they failed and you say you have never played it…GG on being close minded.

First of all I don’t care if a coder ever worked on an aimbot. That’s really no problem at all. I do care if he got banned from my servers and blackmailed me (in the case of CombineGuru).

Yes, I’ll be doing the same kind of thing as GMod Tower. Even though I never joined the server myself I’ve seen videos and heard from other players it’s what they expect it would be. Also, seeing the average amount of players really lower from > 64 to ~ 25 (I might be checking it at wrong times). And I said “afaik” after it, so it might changed recently or w/e.

And it won’t be the same thing as GMT… I just said it’s the same category.

If you don’t like this thread or whatever. Feel free to just press the X in the top-right corner. It’s not like I need comments on what I want to make.

First of all, I’m quite interrested in what you’r going to make.
I’m fine with team-working, SVN and all that required stuff that has to be done.

I know you might don’t like me but it would be some sort of ‘second chance’ or however you want to call it.

Sorry for the following gimmick but I just needed to :v:

€dit: I’m interrested as I stated above, the gimmick might be disleading.