Mr. Grundley

So I’ve got Mr. Grundley pretty much finished now.

Primary: Fast, weak swings. Mr. Grundley is no savage - he does not delight in fisticuffs but can when he has to protect his name and/or face.
Secondary: Climb surface. His hoodlum youth still is with him when you see his amazing ability to climb surfaces, and is entirely better that that pussy spider/furry person.
Reload: Pounce. Gingerly leap forward to display how manly Mr. Grundley is, while not being overly masculine and thus overbearing.

Known bugs: Looking straight up or down while climbing causes a dismount ( even though it shouldn’t ).

The buzz at the start comes from using vdub to join together the avi files

I should state that I was working on this before the climb swep was released, and that I didn’t use of the code from it.

Anyways, enjoy.

Does that music constantly loop while you have him equipped?



It should

agree, music will be great

THIS ADDON CONFLICTS WITH sharpEye! better tell people that

And there is code in the lua to load a cane model, where is that? a cane would be cool

This is the coolest thing i’ve seen all day.

I like this, but there are still some things that need ironing out. Its hard to climb over things without doing some awkward crouch-jump maneuver and holding the reload (pounce) key makes strange things happen. Is this still a beta?

yeah i cant climb up onto anything cause its so hard and for the reload you have to look like 60° into the air and then press it

Duckjumping is awkward?

No it’s not!

It is when you’re climbing up a wall.

The classiest zombie on this side of Facepunch.

I misread that as Dickjumping :tinfoil:

No… it’s exactly the same, the same purpose is being fulfilled.

I thought it would be shit, so I downloaded so I could troll you.
But seems like i was wrong.
This is pretty awesome. The damage is low, so I set it to 12.


Sugestion for V2(if you ever make one): make all zombies and headcrabs like you.

How do I increase damage?

How did the Metro-Cop knock down the can? :smiley:

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