Mr. Grundly swep

What folder do i put the mr. grundly swep in?

If it has a info.txt file in it, it goes inside addons. If it has a readme.txt or variants of it it goes in multiple folders, you select all the folders, and you drag them into gmod/gmod/ (stuff inside here)
Not good at explainations but holefully this helps.

It’s like you ignored me telling you in a PM that you put it in your addons folder.

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Holy shit. That’s one of the dumbest comments ever. He’s trying to help you and you rage at him for using the word ‘like’. He even used it right, it’s not like he used it every other word.

that’s not the op that said that

Ok thx guys! I actually experimented and found out myself tho…

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I dint ignore your pm, i post in multiple spots to get a quick answer. So dont get pissed.