Mr. Hacker

i got bored, no editing, sorry =P

Simple Dof Doesn’t fit that well. and the map is to simple and over used.
Would have been better even In office…

Shit is so overused.
Honestly not funny or cool anymore, plain map, crappy posing, no AA from what I can see.

The joke is starting to be like the cake is lie again for real its getting real old…

What next? Gravity cat?

Then we will not be amused.

GRRRRR memes suck.

Wait, Dr. Hax and Gravity Cat are memes?

No they arn’t…

Go there, and look at the bottom of the page. List of all memes know to oldfags. :slight_smile:

What’s going on here, did I miss a meme thing? This is not funny.

“Those that gave birth to the meme are filled with regret.” - encyclopediadramatica

Dasboschitt must has killed himself by now.

Don’t use “I WAS BORED” as an excuse not to take criticism. If you post it on facepunch, you will get criticism, constructive or not.



Choose better map
You’re as unoriginal as bread
Do something else when you’re bored
Work on posing
Fill in background
Try editing
No faceposing
Random glass
What’s that in the background? Looks like Alyx and Freeman NPC’s
Turn graphics up
Look at the grass