Mr. Incredible (Heavy reskin)

Always had this idea in my head. So yeah, a Mr. Incredible reskin would be nice :smile:

great idea but i dont know how to do it

I might get to it, might not. Depends on how crazy Heavy’s texture sheet is. (most likely is too complicated for me, as Scout’s was eye-twitching) So yeah, don’t expect me to get it done, but I’ll give it a shot. It’s modeling that’s hard for me, but textures like this, I can do. So you want it hexed or not?

I’d want it as a replacement, some people might want it as hex too though

replacements are easier, so I’ll get to it if I have free time.

I vote hex.

I smell a model that will be forever forgotten and be put into a pack full of other forgotten models that no one cares about. Like the homer Simpson model.

Should be hexed.

okay, should be done tommorow, just need to put in the details and play-test it.

Hmm, surprised no one’s suggested this before.

I can’t remember if the models were any good, but remember that there used to be a game or two for The Incredibles? I wonder if anyone can rip a model out from any of those games.

nice :smile:

Um, okay, I can’t seem to find the correct material path to put it in. Anyone know?

Materials/models/player/Heavy/heavy_sheet_red or heavy_sheet_blue, I think. If it’s just the red Heavy, disregard the blue one. I’m not sure if that’s the exact path; you might want to download a custom Heavy skin and check out the paths on it.

Yeah what he said…