Mr J and Harley

Consider this a taster of the awesome model Lugimario will be releasing shortly to the public.


What a coincidence, I just played Arkham Asylum for the first time yesterday.
Nice pic too.

Dayum I want that Joker model.

Wow the joker is ugly but the model is great.
Have an artistic mate!

Nice pic have some paint.

I can see clipping of the pistol onto jokers cuffs :tinfoil:


thats one scary fucking joker

Great pic, great editing, GREAT MODEL!

Nice. I like the green eyes and how the Joker is standing over the black lines.

Thanks for the great response lads. I expected to be flamed alive if I posted this.

Actually, the gun is just a little bit over the cuffs, not quite clipping them.

Wow Nice Pic. Whered You get the model?

Read the single line undearneath the picture.

Patience dear friend, you’ll get him soon enough! Thanks for the comment though.

I LOVE IT! Amazing picture, I’m a huge fan of the Joker. Can’t wait for the model.

I wanna play Arkham Asylum now D: