Mr. Noseybonk and his magic act.

Ingame edits. Running on an absoloutely shite pc. Had to pose this in DX8 then screenshot in DX95.
Don’t complain about the jaggies on the hair it’s a model problem.

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Who the fuck noseybonk is:

background looks shit
lighting and shading on the face is perfect

i especially like the red ambient light bouncing on the character

Just a note, it’s meant to look like a shitty scenebuild as he’s invading gmod.

could have used more gmod like elements, like a tool gun in that corpse’ hand

Agreed. It’s a good warmup though.

it is, keep it up

new nominee for shittiest excuse of the year

I’ll admit that was an excuse to an extent. The original plan was to have it outside as a shitty looking scenebuild, With noseybonk standing on a pot levitating a baby doll and lots of people applauding, Then an edit where for ten seconds every minute(Via a gif editor) the image would change to a hellish version where noseybonk would be standing on skulls, people hanging etc.

But eventually i just got too lazy and merged the two without even thinking about the background. Really i don’t give a shit what you think of the background anymore, It serves its purpose and i’m not using it again.