Mr.Offscreen strikes back! (Being generic ain't cool no more)

Mr.Offscreen has just had it with generic infantrymen shooting at him.

Posing by me
Editing by Joazzz.

Is that hair coming off? Lol.

Yeah. I think so.

Good posing, but I think Joazz forgot to edit the guy in the back getting shot. The hair tearing off was a nice touch, but they should be thinner

That’s kind of the hardcore way to get a new haircut.

The hair makes this nice.

what kind of idiot actually thinks a bullet can cut individual strands of hair like that? also, i’m pretty sure he got shot because he’s an ugly midget infinity ward character model.

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Uberslug))

The bullet is ripping out hairs, dumbass.

Chill out J_haty, Johnycage is just a troll.

Pics cool FT, but needs moar lasers and stuff like Joazzz’s regular edits :razz:


The hair does give the illusion of the bullet being incredibly fast, which makes it really badass. Tho it is unrealistic, I doubt it was intended to be realistic, it’s probably going for a more hollywood like feeling.
The blood looks very ingame tho.

Yeah I forgot to say that Roach is getting shot at too.

this happens to me all the time…

Humorously refreshing, thanks for this.

At last some justice. Mr. offscreen has been violated enough. Love the hair detail.

Fuck yea.

needs more brains