Mr. President who should we blow up next?

Give you hamlets something to post on while GarrysMod is in the process of being repaired. (Nice one Garry).

Title doesn’t seem to fit.
And if there was an edit, I’m not seeing it.


Nope no edit.

I think you want this thread

It doesn’t have to be edited for thread worthiness.

No, but the scene doesn’t have strong enough posing to really stand out on its own.

My suggestion,
Next time, do an edit. Even if your just messing with the colors, it’s better than nothing at all. If you cant do an edit, post it here and someone will edit it for you.

Thanks. All I wanted to do was post b/c this is bad news.

And plus… I suck at posing.

What’s with the random floating objects near that table?

Why post if you think you suck?

What happened to this section have you all turned into art snobs or something?

Flipped it for cover.

No one is shooting…