Mr RUST is stuck at loading in the main menu and wont stop.

So ever since this new update my RUST would load perfectly with no problems. It would be all glitchy and slow and take a couple of secs to pop up and boom there it is RUST, BUT NOW when I try to load it up it IMMEDIATELY pops up and it not glitch and not slow but what is weird is that it wont stop loading it is just loading forever i load it up and it just says loading when i try to launch rust all i see is the logo and the little bucket helmet and loading. It started yesterday after I download the new update for the bug fixes please help me. I tried restarting my PC 3 times shut it down 3 times uninstalled RUST refreshed and restored the files I can’t do anything more please help. And it not my PC’s hardware I have a good computer with a NVIDIA GTX 960. If anyone who knows what happening and how to fix it please msg me and to any Devs. who know what’s happening please help me. I love to play rust but now I cant.