Mr. Saturn

Zoom! Boing! Ding! Who is Mr. Saturn? We all are Mr. Saturn. Please have fun with us!

Includes two SEnts, one for a normal Mr. Saturn, and one that will turn you into one. Use the sandbox context menu to control yourself as a Mr. Saturn.

Hi I ported the model and went through the mishegas of animating it and fixing up the materials and junk. I also helped test and debug, but mostly I just made that part of the work take longer.

They are so cute!

Fuckin love EarthBound, got my download :smile:

Really good addon.

Will this see its way into Chimera Hunt? Or somehow get its own gamemode?

Hmm, the textures don’t seem to be working right for me.

Love the inclusion of the hats by the way. :v:

Don’t count on it.

Seems to be a one case issue, tried redownloading it?


[li] Fixed the exit button not working in the Saturn menu.[/li][li] Added missing fonts.[/li][/ul]

Yep, tried redownloading it several times, still have the same thing.

This is fantastic. Nice job.

Any errors in the console?

Why thank you. :3:

Nice :D. Also, whats the music starting at 2:22 ?

Well, I tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod and redownloading, it still does it, so it’s probably just my computer.



Haha, holy shit, I loved earthbound, downloaded and


I have all the same problems as MrSkullKid, I don’t even have any other addons installed right now, and I must have downloaded it at least 5 other times.

Lol! Wicked.

Aska forgot to include the normal map in the download.

Redownload guys, this is fixed. :eng99:

I love this thing, thanks. :smile:
I wish I could move around a little bit more when flying, though.

… I need to finish Earthbound.

This is the most kickass addon i’ve seen in a while.