"Mr.Skull is in town"

I’ve picked up skinning… This is a test of my 2nd skin ever made… I liked the pose, so I edited and Tada.
I decided to call this guy Mr.Skull. :v:

render of the skin

I’m starting to get guilty of the same so I’m probably gonna get labelled a hypocrite for this one, but you colour tint your pictures way too much and you don’t do it properly. If you’re going to make the bulk of it red, make the shadows blue.

Aye, thank you:)

The skull has a tad too sharp edges to not look like it was pasted on.
What does the text say?

The posing is really good and has a dynamic feeling to it, but as rossmum said, it’s a little bit too tinted.

And sorry to be one of these guys, but can someone tell me what model that is for the soldier?

Blacklight: Tango Down