I Would Like To Have A Mr T Ragdoll For Poseing I Am In A Project Right Now So Dont Have Time Could Someone Do It For Me?

I agree with this request!

we need mr.T!

Why hasnt this been done?

Thats What I Was Thinking

First name Mr, middle name ‘period’, last name T!

So Does No One Want To Make This?

So Does any one want this

i requested this ages ago, all we got was eli with the guerrilla’s arms

howd it look (non racism) a black guy with white arms…

I pity the foo who won’t refuse to make a Mr. T. model!

cmon who cant make him after this video?!?

I got an idea I could try but I need to know if anyone’s ported Soap yet from MW2.

yeah but only in his diving suit
just wait awhile…it will come someday

Bugger that I’ll rip him myself.

:smiley: are you serious

happy now picky?!

Im Mr T and im a NIGHT ELF MOHAWK!


Mah game happunz to be my sourcemod aye be makin :wink:

which is?

any body want this like we need mr.T

and for someone who was looking for soap here he is along with the rest of TF141