Mr. Valve Model Port

Could somebody port the “Mr. Valve” model from the original Valve intro? (Ragdolled, please)
If you could also port his Valve (spiggot.mdl) with a phys model, that would be nice.


Download the models here.

The Valve intro is a pre-recorded and edited video. There’s no model that can be ported there.

Did you see that photo? The model is right there. I even gave a download for them.

If you’re talking about the avatar that’s basically a man with a Valve in his eye (and the new one with it on the back of his head) then those don’t exist as models hence why I figured you wrote “also port this.”

No, I was referring to the original Valve intro, which was a map, and had 2 custom models. I posted a download for those 2 models in the main post.
If you can’t see the image in the post, here’s a link.

Do you have the textures that go with these models?

GoldSource models had the .bmp files packed directly into the .mdl file, so this tutorial may be useful.

I just remembered that Milkshape 3D has the ability to decompile GoldSrc Half Life models and it seems to have extracted the textures and animations just fine, so i’ll see what i can do with this now

Thanks. If you can, preserve all animations you find, if possible.

Managed to keep the animations intact, just gotta make the physics mesh and make him smaller because apparently he’s a giant

Alright, i’ve got both the spigot and Mr. Valve in Source with working animations, textures and physics models, i’ve also sized down Mr. Valve roughly to the height of the HL2 citizens

I’m gonna go catch some Z’s then i’m later gonna get a few more pictures then i’ll upload them to the Gmod Workshop :smiley:

Alright, here it is!

Looks like stalker.