Mr Whirly from the best HL2 mod ever! (SPOILERS)

(Apart from Gmod, Obviously)

Play this mod now! You will not regret it!

Made this (very quickly) in honour of the most badass little cart ever.

Media tagged for spoilers.

Editing: Blood on the window pane, comical fountain of blood from zombie legs, blood for the 2 zombie torsos and that stretching flesh.

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One fine car :patriot:

[sp]It takes down striders[/sp]

That’s plain awesome

Holy Shit.

Gordon’s expression makes it for me.

He’s like, “Haw haw, fuck yeah!”

And the editing is absolutely ace, but, the tyres aren’t spinning. Or are they not supposed to? That’s just nit picking though. A+++

best vehicle than a mi 24 hind XD

It’s great, but Gordon isn’t in this game… It’s a random scientist.

Gordon looks better in it. (more understandable fo those who haven’t played it yet)

Nice blood.

Very cool, but the blood on the zombie legs on the right is a bit weird IMO :hurr:

That’s not blood :stuck_out_tongue:

The blade didn’t cut all the way though.

Should have made it more obvious. >.<

Just finished this mod. yes, someone, get this car in gmod :V
Picture is great

Already done, without the plexiglass.

Can’t wait for your pose!