Mr Whirly

From Research and Development, the other models would be cool also, but mostly I want Mr Whirly.

Download the mod and copy + paste the materials and models folders from the mod into GMod.

Is it possible to make Mr Whirly into a vehicle?

its brush made so I don’t believe this is possible


The frame is a model and the body is a re-skin of the HL2 cart

H-… hi… you can get me in other games, as when I’ve been completed I turn into an actual veichle entity. Just look for me in the files n’ folders.

how can it be a vehicle entity if it has no model : /

thats why i believe it to be brush made

get a fucking life you aint mr. Whirly your just a wannabe red engineer and shit like that

B-… but my creators said I a… am…


please stop this shit like you pretending your something that you aren’t like that gay red snipah or gay red engineer wannabes.


I can make it a vehicle. Just gotta give me some time.

I’m sorry for the epic bump, but HiddenMyst said he was working on it, I just want to know the progress.

If it hasn’t been done in a year, I doubt there would be progress.