Mr. Whirly's bulletproof glass

Im not the only one who wants to remake mr. whirly from the research and development scourcemod in gmod.

I’ve found all models + textures except for the bulletproof glass I did find the texture of it though but what’s the model called or what model texture does it replace ?

I think its a prefab, so there won’t be a model.

It’s a brush+texture parented to whirly.

I dunno but found all the other texture

Is it a skin for a window model ?

It’s not a model, it’s a Hammer brush apparently. And the texture is probably some standard hl2 glass texture.

I did found the textures for it but I don’t know the model the textures are for

And I can’t find a model with the same size as the glass

Man, Its a hammer brush like the other guy said parented to the bottom peice. Wanna prove it, go open crafty open the level and save it as a vmf file and look for yourself its a func_brush! Actually with a combination of crafty and vmex I prectically decompiled the whole level 3b 3a and 4 levels. I will post it here for all you guys or just email me.! First 20 people who email me will get it.


:siren:ITS NOT A MODEL!:siren: